Build a Text Highlighter in JavaScript

January 15, 2021

HTML supports <mark> tag to highlight parts of a text. For people like myself, able to highlight texts while reading web pages gives a more immersive experience. In this post, we will build a widget for users to highlight any selected texts on a web page.

Use Selection & Range objects in Web APIs

In order to get the selected text nodes, first we need to use window.getSelection() method to get the Selection object. Then, retrieve the Range objects by using the getRangeAt() method of the Selection object. Range object represents a fragment of a document that can contain nodes and parts of text nodes.

Here’s the example.

let ranges = [];
sel = window.getSelection();
for(let i = 0; i < sel.rangeCount; i++) {
 ranges[i] = sel.getRangeAt(i);
// the return looks like this
Range {startContainer: text, startOffset: 24, endContainer: text, endOffset: 35, collapsed: false,}

Note that startContainer is the text node being selected, more importantly, it returns the startOffset & endOffset, so that we know which part of text being selected.

Lastly, use Range.surroundContents() method to wrap the selected text in a mark tag.

A Full Example

function setHighlight() {
  const selection = window.getSelection();
  const range = selection.getRangeAt(0);
  const selectionNodeName = range.startContainer.parentNode.nodeName;
  const newParent = document.createElement('mark');

	// Prevent repetitive highlights
  if (!(selectionNodeName === "MARK")) {

  // Clear selection

Live Demo

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