Deploy an ASP.NET & React app to Heroku using Docker

February 27, 2021

I am learning C# and ASP.NET recently and decided to build a full-stack application using ASP.NET as my backend, and React Redux as my frontend. After I had the basic things working, I realized that I need to find a way to host and deploy my application. And it’s not very straightforward in the beginning, compare to what I’ve done before with Node.js apps. Cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Heroku etc., all support Node.js out of the box, but not for .NET. I have no plan to deeply dive in to setting up a Windows VM and IIS on the server, or use Azure, my simple need is to be able to see my project hosted somewhere.

After some research, I found the best way for me to do is to use Docker containers and host on Heroku with the free tier, perfect for this kind of personal project!

In this article, I’ll share how to deploy an ASP.NET and React application, using .NET 5.0 and create-react-app.

First, let’s create an application

I use the React-with-Redux template in Visual Studio, the official documentation is here. But regardless the frontend technology, it does not change how we deploy with Docker and should also work with all the steps shared in this article.

Publish the application

Navigate to the directory where your .sln file is and run the commands. This will create a Release folder inside the bin folder.

dotnet publish -c Release


Next, create a Dockerfile without any file extension, and place in the publish folder under ./bin/Release/net5.0/pulish . Use the content below in the Dockerfile. My app uses .NET 5.0 , but you can find the correct docker images at this link, .NET Runtime , to match your .NET version. Remember to rename your-app-name.dll to your project name.

# Dockerfile
FROM AS runtime
COPY . .
CMD ASPNETCORE_URLS=http://*:$PORT dotnet your-app-name.dll

Build the docker container

In your terminal, cd into the project folder which contains bin and type the following commands. Now, you should see the image listed in your docker desktop application.

docker build -t your-app-name ./bin/Release/net5.0/publish

Create an app in Heroku

It’s time to get ready to deploy. Go to Heroku’s website, create an app and choose container-registry as method. Back to your terminal, we now need to sign-in in the CLI, using:

heroku login
heroku container:login

Push container to Heroku

Once signed in, cd into the folder which contains the Dockerfile and run:

heroku container:push -a your-app-name web

Release to Heroku container

Finally, run the commands to release to Heroku.

heroku container:release -a your-app-name web

Your application is now live! Check to see at




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